Sunday, 24 January 2010

My MAC Eye Shadow Palettes

Hello beautiful ladies, Hope you are all okay!
As you probably already know, when i started my blog in October i was a complete MAC newbie, absolutely loved make up but only recently have i delved into higher end products.
I only owned a couple of MAC products and as i said you would watch my collection grow throughout, now i have completed two eye shadow palettes!
MAC eyeshadows are amazing, such a variety of colours, although i mainly stick to the neutrals as you will see, they are really pigmented & are some of the best quality eye shadows i have ever used.
So here they are...

Neutral / Highlight Palette
1. Vanilla
2. Brule*
3. Chamomile
4. Mylar
5. Femme-fi
6. Shroom*
7. Phloof!
8. Dazzlelight
9. Retrospeck
10. Rice paper
11. Naked Lunch*
12. Grain
13. All that glitters*
14. Cork
15. Wedge

Darker Palette
1. Patina*
2. Tempting
3. Go*
4. Woodwinked
5. Mulch
6. Romp
7. Sable
8. Antiqued
9. Cranberry
10. Hypnotizing
11. Satin Taupe*
12. Magnetic Fields
13. Beauty Marked
14. Black Tied
15. Carbon
The ones marked with a * are my favourite! :)
What are your favourite MAC eye shadows? & Do you recommed any that i dont own?
Thanks girlies, hope you enjoyed! Love you all xxx


  1. Bloody hell you have so many! I am jealous ;) Thanks again for the magnets xx

  2. Great collection I cant see what colour eyes you have, but you have a lot of creams and browns. Perhaps you might like some more pinks.. or maybe branch into greens /blues..? x

  3. They all look so pretty :)

    I am so organised like you - I have a neutral palette, a brown palette, a dark palette and a bright palette :)

  4. Is it wrong to contemplate not buying my hubby a birthday pressie so I can have those?

  5. WOW beautiful neutrals! What a great way to start off your mac collection

  6. Great collection there! I'm just about to start a palette which I'm excited about :)

  7. Great collection, but I think you really need Bronze and Club :)

  8. Gorgeous! I love your neutral palette! I have started a palette of e/s's! but im trying not to put too many neutrals in there as I have the 88 warm palette and its pretty good!

  9. I'm so jealous of that collection! I only have one Mac eyeshadow - Honey. I'm tempted by Naked Lunch and All That Glitters after seeing your collection! x

  10. @Sarah: Thank you for your comment sweetie, and your welcome for the magnets! You sent me lots of goodies! hehe xx

    @Emma: Thank you hun, i have blue eyes unfortunately, wish they were brown! So what colours do you think go with them? hehe xxx

    @Laura: Thanks babe, I dont have as many palettes as you just yet but im working on it hunnie! :) xx

    @Caroline: Thanks hun, I definitely think theyre worth not buying your hubby a present, but maybe thats just me! haha xx

    @Obssessed with makeup: Thank you so much, such a lovely comment! :) xx

    @Kelly: Thank you hun, I loved starting collecting eyeshadows, still do! :)Good luck with your palette! xx

    @Holly: Thank you so much for your comment! I have been looking at bronze for quite a while, maybe i need to go ahead and get it! Will also have a look at club, thank you! :) xxx

    @Nikki: Thank you so much babe! :) Cant wait to see your palette! xoxo

    Thank you all so much for your comments! xox

  11. Wow sweety that's an impressive start to your MAC collection! And they're so organised? My palettes are just one big powdered mess! hehe.


  12. Ahh lovely!! I think I have about 5 shadows to depot then I'm gonna do a post on my palettes too I think. Fab collection hunnie, most of your faves are my faves too!! :) xxx

  13. Two palettes complete since October?! Wow! Well done haha! xxx

  14. Wow, gorgeous colours! I can't wait to try out the Cranberry e/s :) I'm a lil bit envious hun. x x

  15. I Love Them!
    I like brown kinda colours =)

  16. Bloody hell, great collection!
    I have Daisychain and Dark Edge by MAC which I love :)

  17. Hi!
    Check my blog - you won my contest!!!

  18. I think them palette should be mine!!! Hand em over Sinead! haha. Love love love neutrals and your palettes look amazing. Can't believe what a MAC addict you've become haha, once you had your first taste it was non stop spending, you make me smile.. you're so cute!


  19. I tagged you hun :)

  20. Such a lovely collection. I'm a big fan of neutrals too! xo

  21. Awww love this post hun! I am sooo jelous of your collection! Lol!
    I need to start my own pallet-looks so much fun!


  22. I love how organized you are. I have to depot my MAC eyeshadows, they are such a mess.

  23. Great selection of neutrals!!!
    And I love how they 're organised! :)


  24. Hello, iv tagged you on my blog!:)

  25. Oh, I just loooove neutrals, they are by far the prettiest in my opinion. By the way, I have tagged you on my blog, take a look :)

  26. Nice collection you have going! I'm all about the neutrals too. I'd also recommend Shale and Era and Sumptuous Olive.

  27. Wow, I guess you can't have too many neutral colors! If you want a little more color and some sparkle, try Honey Lust. I love it. It isn't MAC's most pigmented shade, but I love it!

  28. Oh, did I mention that I love Honey Lust? Love it!! *hahahaha*

  29. FANTASTIC selection! I have shadow envy!!

  30. Wonderful Palettes :)


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