Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I Love-Makeup ♥

Today i received my online order from Love-Makeup, I ordered on Monday night & it came Tuesday morning so i was very impressed & wasnt expecting it at all!

I only purchased two little things so here they are :)

♥ MAC 'Fashion Frenzy' Blush from Fafi
♥ MAC 'Colour crafted' Lipstick from the colour craft collection
♥ A sample of Anna Sui perfume in 'Oh la love'
The items were a little over retail, with the blush been £16.99 and the Lipstick been £14.99 which i dont really mind paying as they are both sold out, limited edition items.
The blush is gorgeous, such a bright, vibrant pink & colour crafted lipstick is a back up of one i already own. This is one of my favourite lipsticks but as it is limited edition i have been using it sparingly until i came across it on this website. It will now e my go-to lipstick :)
Delivery cost £2.95 and i would highly recommend ordering from love-makeup!


  1. Love-makeup is great! I hate how the prices can be a bit ekk but then again you're saving a lot more than you would on ebay!

  2. ooooh love these purchases!! fantastic!!!
    Think a trip to this website is needed!!!

  3. Ooooh I had NEVER heard of this website. I am now gonna check it out. Aw i have Colour Crafted but thought once it was gone, I'd never be able to replace it! you have made me v happy now :) xxx mwah xxx

  4. It's a great site one of my faves for discontinued MAC :)

  5. Great blog sweetie! Thanks for that link-will deff check out.

    Ur blog makes me :)

  6. I've bought from love-makeup a few tmes and love it, there's always exciting discontinued mac. Sometimes you can even get discounted product because boxes are missing.

  7. I order from there as well, never had a problem. It's great that we can get our hands on MAC items from LE collections :)

  8. hey i blogged about this website the other day lol. love it! that blush is gorge xxx

  9. That is such quick delivery. The lipstick is gorgoeus x

  10. I want that lipstick please- thank you :)
    think ill go check this site out
    Steph x

  11. I love that site :) xx

  12. Thanks for the website! Will be using it in the future xx

  13. Ooh never been on that before, im going to have a look now!

  14. Hey doll(: great post!
    I tagged you in my most recent post, the happy 101 tag, if you fancy doing it?

  15. @Georgie: I also love love-makeup, it was a good shopping experience! Some of the prices really vary but for those discontinued goodies that you may have missed out on its amazing! xxx

    @Suzi: Thank you hunnie, but i shall warn you, you will definitely be making a purchase hehe amazing website xxx

    @Milly: Thank you gorgeous, glad i could help! definitely check it out, im on there everyday! xxx

    @Louise: Thanks hun, it really is a good site! xxx

    @Carine: Thanks hun for your comment! :) xx

    @Claire: Thank you darling, your such a sweetie! xx

    @Lillian: Thank you for your comment hun! xx

    @Netty: It is great that we can get our hands on some LE goodies :) without paying too much over the odds! xx

    @Noobarella: Thank you sweet, the blush is lovely! xxx

    @Em: It was amazingly fast delivery, i was so impressed! Thank you sweet the lipstick is the most amazing baby pink! xx

    @Steph: haha thank you babe! be warned, that website will have you addicted! :) xxx

    @Laura: Thanks hun, so do i! :) xxx

    @India: No problem hun! Thanks for your comment! :) xx

    @Sarah: haha, i bet you find something that you want or need missy! :P xxx

    @Zanah: Thank you for your comment :)

    @Shannon: Thanks sweetie, i have just done the Happy 101 tag doll! xxx

    Thanks girls, i love all of your comments! xxx

  16. Great purchases! I used to have Fashion Frenzy but I sold it because I thought it was similar to the other pink blushes I have. But I have Colour Crafted lipstick, though I haven't really worn it outside my room yet. Its a bit bright, but I hope to wear it soon! ♥

    These pinks are great for Valentines~! ♥

  17. Just found your blog hon and going to enjoy reading threw it when i have a little more time spare :)

    I've ordered a couple of times from here & they always come so quickly & really well packaged, i think i got a lollipop in one order which is a nice gesture....

    I'm looking out for the MAC msf by candlelight as it is now sold out & i need it lol ... Some are a little bit more expensive but i suppose it is expected when they are rare LE items...

    I love the fafi collection it is so cute packaging but going for such crazy prices on ebay with it being a past collection, i have one lipstick which i adore from the collection...

  18. Ooooh they look gorgeous, the fafi packaging is so nice, are MAC lipsticks good? I havent bought one yet :/ xxx

  19. I have purchased from this website too and it is amazing! I got my pewterpink MAC glitter eyeliner from there for like £9! Woop!

    And sometimes they send you emails about when they have offers and discounts:)


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