Saturday, 2 January 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!

As i said in my previous post, i am hoping for 2010 to be 'my' year, I know for sure that its going to be better than last year & want it to be as amazing as possible!

My new years resolutions for the next 12 months will be..

♥ To ensure that i drink at least 2 litres of water every single day

♥ To make sure that i take off all my make up before i go to bed

♥ To cleanse, tone & moisturise my skin twice a day & stick to it!

♥ To eat healthier, improve my diet & to get fit

♥ To complete (& hopefully pass!) my teaching placement

♥ To have an amazing 21st Birthday!

♥ To experiment more with my make up, especially a brighter lip and a smokier eye ;)

♥ To spend more time with the ones i love, especially my family & friends as they mean the absolute world to me and i want to let them know that!

♥ To stop worrying as much as i do & to try and build in confidence
I know it may seem like a lot but i am definitely determined, this year more than ever!
I would love to know your resolutions, both beauty and generally!


  1. Your resoloutions are great, i want too get fit, drink more water & eat healthier too! XO

  2. hiii sweetheart!! these all sound so good! i know you can doooooo it!! stay positive!! xxx

  3. Happy new year my darling <3 In 2010 I want to further my career (in whatever!) and save money, :) xxxxxxxxx

  4. I need to start drinking more water. Otherwise I could be spending a lot of money on skincare as I get older!

  5. Love the blog!

  6. i like your resolutions.
    good luck with the placement. Im sure you will pass with flying colours.
    fingers crossed for you sweetie.


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