Sunday, 13 December 2009

This Weeks MAC Haul :)

MAC products & MAC hauls make me extremely happy! :) I love showing you guys what ive picked up & also love getting inspiration from others from what they have bought!
These are just a few things that i picked up from selfridges when i went over to Manchester on Thursday.
Here they are:
  • 'Dollymix' Sheertone Shimmer Blush - I absolutely love the colour of this blush, such a gorgeous bright pink & reminds me of tippy from the Hello Kitty collection
  • 'Pink Nouveau' Lipstick - This is quite bright for me and is stepping out of my comfort zone a little but thought it would be perfect for a night out
  • 'Snob' Lipstick - Love love this lipstick, such a perfect pink colour
  • 'Carbon' Eyeshadow - Everyone raves about this eyeshadow and thought that it would be perfect to use as a eyeliner or for a smokey eye
  • '219' Pencil Brush - I adore this brush already, perfect for the crease
  • '266' Angle brush - thought this would be perfect for eyeliner under the eye
I hope that you like everything that ive bought guys, im slowly but surely building up my make up collection! :)
Do you own any of the products ive picked up today? If so, what are your thoughts on them?
Before i go, thought you should check out this amazing giveaway to win a sleek graphite palette :)


  1. Fab haul, I love Dollymix blusher, and Carbon eyeshadow :)

    Also my 219 is one of my most used and favourite brushes! xx

  2. I had sooo much written and then something happened, stupid work comp :( I LOVE IT!!! I want swatches, the pink lipstick looks ultra sexy, and carbon is the best black imo, looks even better when it's wet, and the 219 is my fave blending brush, especially near the lash lines!! We need to go shopping together! x

  3. Amazing haul. I'm getting the 219 brush for xmas and omg Pink Nouveau is STUNNING

  4. Fab haul huni .. i cant wait to get all my mac brushes for xmas ...

    x <3 x

  5. Thats a great haul! I love dollymix too, its gorgeous :)


  6. I have dollymix and pink nouveau, love the pinkness. MAC hauls make me happy too x

  7. Great choices lovely! Every item you have is a MAC classic. I love Snob :)

  8. Great haul, I love that pencil brush!

  9. I love Dollymix and Carbon. I've been wanting to get Snob for ages. Maybe Santa will get it for me? LOL.

  10. Great haul! Dollymix blush is one of my fav's, and carbon eyeshadow is a staple in my makeup collection. I love the Pink Nouveau lipstick you got, it looks so pretty, is it a new color I don't think I've ever seen it before.

  11. Nice! I'm wearing Snob today! With Hold the Pose lipstick over it, looks mean kinda purple!

  12. Hy! Just eneded up on your blog and I like it. I'm also a make up fanatic!

    I'll be following you!


  13. Ooh i just got snob and i adore it its a fab colour :D

  14. Lovely haul :) I really need to try Snob, I'm addicted to Saint Germain and it looks pretty similiar :)

  15. I don't own any of the above but am really liking the look of Dollymix so perhaps I will own it in the future=)

  16. Great haul! I have Carbon e/s and helped a friend get Pink Nouveau, it's such an amazing colour! Rather bright, but beautiful. Carbon is fantastic too, a very nice black, though I have tried other blacks quite as good or better.
    I really want to check out Dollymix now!

  17. Great Haul, love the snob lipstick! :)

    Love your blog btw, following you now. :)


  18. Fab haul!! I've got Carbon and Snob and I love them both!! I've just done a MAC haul post too if you wanted to have a nosey :) xxx

  19. I am so jealous! I've been wanting Snob and the 219 for ages! :)


    Kate Gene


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