Saturday, 5 December 2009

My Small Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Collection + Swatches!

Hi girlies!
Feels like forever since ive posted! :) I have a haul post to show you all, but when have i not! hehe so i thought i would do something a little different & show you my small but growing MAC MSFs, some swatches & what i use them for!
I currently own 6 MSF's (which includes the MSF natural) & i absolutely love them! They are so sparkly, which i love!
Here they are...

Clockwise from top they are:
  • Smooth Merge (Trio colour one) - This is my most recent purchase from Tallulahbella's blog sale & i absolutely love it! It came out with the Colour craft collection & i use it all swirled together for a gorgeous, shimmery pink blush colour!
  • Sunny by Nature - This also came out with the colour craft collection and it is more matte and less shimmery than the other MSF's. I adore this colour and it makes an amazing bronzer
  • Cheeky Bronze - This is extremely shimmery & is a nice, pale bronze colour which i use as a bronzer
  • Porcelain Pink - Porcelain pink was a repromote which is limited edition and again came out with the colour craft collection. This is a gorgeous, pale pink and works really nice as i light flush of colour on the cheeks
  • Soft & Gentle - This is also a fairly new purchase and is from the permanent line so is still available. I ordered this online when i saw a picture of Paula with it on and she looked absolutely stunning! Its very shimmery, but works really well as a highlight colour
  • MSF Natural in Medium - What can i say about this powder? It is truely amazing! I use it every single day & i love it over any foundation! I would highly recommend this to everybody!
And the swatches :)

Left to right:
MSF Natural in medium, Soft & gentle, Smooth merge, Sunny by nature, Cheeky bronze, Porcelain pink
Hope you all enjoyed this! :) What are your views on MAC's Mineralize Skinfinishes?


  1. I used to really like the MSF's... had them years ago.. LOVED them then.. but as theyve become more permanent.. I've gone off them.. I duno I go through phases with products with shimmer.. BUT maybe its time to repurchase.. being christmas and all :) xx

  2. @Mouldy Fruit: Thank you so much for your comment hun! I personally love the MSF's! I want to build a huge collection of them! :) Even though i probably wont even finish one of them! Youve gotta have a bit of shimmer & sparkle at christmas! xox

  3. I love my MSF natural but have yet to buy one of the shimmery ones, I don't go to MAC very often so they tend to be sold out by the time I visit the store, they all seem really nice though x

  4. I've not tried an MSF yet but I can't wait to give one a go, I am hoping that I manage to grab by candlelight when warm & cozy is released.

  5. I really love MSF's!
    You call that a small collection??!!

  6. Great MSF collection, I love them too! I'm so mad I didn't get Porcelain Pink it looks so pretty. LOL that is not a small collection. =)

  7. Small collection?? I've only got 2 and one natural lol. Porcelaine Pink looks lush!

    I've just run out of MSF natural and I love it. Went to pick up another medium yesterday and the SA gave me medium plus - grrrr!!


  8. They look lovely! :)

    Check out my blog too if you want!

  9. Porclain pink is a beautiful colour! It makes an exellent highlighter! gorgous collection hun! x


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