Wednesday, 30 December 2009

LUSH Goodies :)

Hi girlies,

I hope you all had an amazing christmas & all excited for the New Year! :)

All the hype on twitter definitely tempted me to realms of lush & im glad it did! I was wanting a few bits & bobs anyway so what better time to pick them up when their sale is on?

For those of you who dont know, (which im sure you do by now but i shall refresh your memories!) For every £20 you spend in Lush, it doesnt matter what you spend it on christmas goodies or normal products you got to choose a christmas gift for freee! :)

I know that in some stores you could choose a goodie bag full of christmas things for every £20 spent but that wasnt the case in my lush, it was christmas gift boxes only! I found out about this offer around christmas eve time & i knew for sure i wouldnt be stepping foot into town anytime around christmas/boxing day!

So i went in yesturday not expecting to be much left but im glad i did & im happy with what i came home with!

Heres what i picked up:

  • 'Sexy Boy' Massage Bar £4.95 - I love lushes massage bars, and this is limited edition so i had to pick it up! So cute!
  • 'Butterball' Bath Bomb £2.22 - Smells absolutely amazing!
  • 'Coal Face' Soap £5.01 - This is meant to be perfect for oily skin, so hopefully its going to keep my oil at bay! Smells like coal and licqourice! Excited to use this!
  • 'Big' Hair conditioner £9.60 - I cannot wait to try this! Have only heard good things about it! Hopefully it will make my hair super shiny! :)

As you can see my freebie was the starburst christmas box *Squeals* worth £24.95!

The starburst box contains:
  • Snow Fairy Shower gel 100gram
  • Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub
  • Candy Cane Bubble Bar
  • Snow Fairy Solid Perfume
  • Star Melt
  • Angel's Delight Moon Soap
  • Double Fast Luck Emotibomb
  • 10% Discount
    I absolutely love this box and i can honestly say i am one happy girlie! Angels delight soap, snow fairy & the star melt are my christmas lush favourites so i am really pleased i got the chance to pick this up!

    Did you pick anything up from the lush sale?



  1. I was supposed to be good and not by any toiletries but this was too good an offer to resist, I got a selection of bath, shower and hair stuff and got a happy gift set free :D

    You brought some fab goodies, the stardust gift set looks lovely x

  2. Oooh snow fairy stuff.. love it!

  3. I think I'm def going to need to buy some Lush. I got a bit for xmas, but Im eager for some more now. glad u managed to get a bargin x

  4. You lucky thing. I used the lush offer last year and got some amazing bits, but this year i have sooo many smellies i can't get anymore x

  5. Enjoy all your goodies :) I'm not a huge Lush fan so didn't pick up anything in the sale. I do want to try the Butterball Bath Bomb though, heard some good things about it!

  6. I went to Lush and picked up a goodie bag! I really want to blog about it but I forgot my memory card with all my photos on! You picked uo a great box for free though. A lot of the giftsets in my lush were really small so the goodie bag was a better option value wise =) xx

  7. I got this giftbox for my best friend for Christmas. It was our Christmas best seller at the store I work at - and it's hard not to see why! Full of lovely stuff <3 !!

    The 150 brush is perfect for MSF application btw :) I like the 134 too but I'd say it's not so versatile as the 150!


  8. Wowww! you got a great free gift, Im gonna see if they have anything left tomorrow! XO

  9. I went today and got a goodie bag as they only had £10 giftboxes left.
    I got lots of fab stuff which i'll be blogging about soon :)

  10. @Fei: Thank you for your comment my lovely! The things youve bought sound amazing! i love lush! :) xox

    @apieceofwood: I also love snow fairy! Smells delish! xo

    @Steph: Thank you hunny, you need to get to the lush sale, some massive bargains to be had! xo

    @Em: Thank you my darling, ive only recently been getting into lush so im glad i could stock up a little! xx

    @Kelly: Butterball bath bomb smells absolutely gorgeous and has chocolate pieces inside! yum! xo

    @Pyxie: I would have been interested in the lush goodie bags but i wasnt able to pick one up! xo

    @Lydia: you have one lucky friend hun, this giftbox is amazing & i havent even opended it yet but looks lush! :) xox

    @Hannah: Thanks hunny! Hopefully you will be able to grab a bargain! xox

    @Caz@ Thanks for your comment chick! Cant wait to see your blog post on what you got in your goodie bag! :) xox

    Thank you all girlies for your lovely comments! xox

  11. Ooh! Everything looks so good. Your place must smell divine now, LOL

  12. @Lisa: Thank you for your comment sweetie :) Lush things smell gorgeous! xox

  13. Do they do this every year?


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