Monday, 2 November 2009

TAG: Top Three Products For Under £5

Hi Girlies,
I was tagged by the gorgeous Daisy at to do a new tag she had started which is your favourite hair product, skin care product and make up product for under £5.
Thank you for the tag Daisy, hope you enjoy!
I dont think Ive posted about each of these items before but i love them all!
First up is haircare..
My top haircare item for under £5 is Batiste 'diva' dry shampoo.

I love this stuff! I go through so many bottles of it and it works wonders! Amazing when you dont have time to wash your hair and need a bit of a freshen up!

I think this retails for roughly £2.05 in Boots & Superdrug.
Next is skin care..

My top skincare product is the clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub.
I suffer from blackheads (disgusting i know!) & i have tried literally ever blackhead product on the market but nothing seems to help! This is the product i am trying out at the minute and i use this scrub twice daily. I cant say that it has helped with or improved my blackheads but it leaves my skin feeling really smooth and soft, and fully cleansed which i really like.

I think the retail on this product is about £4.50.

Lastly is my favourite product for under £5, the make up product!

It is the beauty UK blush in number 5.

This is the most stunning, bright pink blush! I dont think i have seen anyone rave about this product but it is truely love at first sight! It really is as bright as it looks in the (poor quality!) picture. This brand is only available in superdrug but if you love your bright pink blush as much as i do i would definately recommend you to check it out.
You get so much product for your money aswell, 15g to be exact which is 3x as much as a MAC blush! Colour pay off is amazing and the best thing of all is that this blush retails at £2.93 i believe!!
I tag everyone who reads this and hasnt done it so far! It really makes you appreciate all the drugstore products that we have hidden away!
I have a mini superdrug haul coming up soon guys so look out for that!
If you have got this far, thank you so much for reading!


  1. I love the batiste diva too, its smells so much nicer than the other ones! I'm definately going to look for that beauty uk blush on my next trip to superdrug, it looks gorgeous!xxx

  2. I agree! I really want to try out the new coloured dry shampoo though! I bet its a lot nicer than the normal white powdery ones! Cant seem to find it anywhere though! :(

    Thanks for the comment & tag hun! xxx

  3. I want too try that blush!!!


  4. Oooh I so want that blush now! Gorgeous pink!
    I've just seen that you're a fellow Leeds resident :) Where abouts do you live?xx

  5. I've never tried the batiste dry shampoos, i've heard so many good things about them though. I will deffinatly be buying one very very soon :)


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