Thursday, 12 November 2009

Tag: Make Up Diary

I found this on Jo's blog and even though i havent been tagged to do it i thought i would as i havent posted for a while!

So here goes..

1. What time did you do your makeup today? At about 7.10am, had Uni at 9 so needed to be off by 8.00am!

2. What’s the least expensive beauty item you used? The Boots 17 eyeshadow in 'ivory coast' which retails for £3.42
3. What was the biggest problem you needed to correct? My eyebrows this morning look terrible, and needed sorting out!

4. Did you apply false eyelashes? No not for uni! lol, false eyelashes are only for nights out and special occasions!

5. Did you do anything while applying make-up? I watched GMTV :) as i do every morning without fail! lol!

6. Biggest make-up mishap today? Doing my eyelid eyeliner waaay to thick on one eye so had to take it off and do it again, including eyeshadow!

7. Did you have a makeup inspiration in mind? No not today, just a simple everyday look that would be suitable for a long day at Uni.

8. What was the most time-consuming part of your makeup routine? Probably my eyes today as i had to redo my eyeliner/eyeshadow!

9. What part of your routine is the most fun? Probably the contouring, bronzing & blush! These 3 together can completely change how you look.

10. What part of your make-up makes the biggest difference in the way you look? Deffinately eyelid eyeliner, I wear this everyday religiously and when i dont people tend to comment and i dont look awake as i do normally.

11. Neutral or colorful eyeshadow? Neutral eyeshadow today and most days!

12. Liquid or mineral foundation? Liquid foundation which today was the maybelline dream satin liquid, not the most impressed with this but really quick to apply!

13. Do you do your hair or make-up first? Make up first, then straighten my hair.

14. Did you pack a make-up bag to take with you for the day? No, i never actually carry make up around with me after i have done it, only lipstick thats why i like wearing and finding make up that will last all day for me.

15. When did you finish your make-up? About 7.40ish so it took my half an hour to do my hair and make up :)
Hope everyone is okay! Placed a MAC order yesturday so will hopefully have a haul coming soon! :)


  1. Thanks for this, really enjoyed ::) Emma

  2. Yay thanks for doing this darlin' loved reading it.


  3. Great diary lol, I will probably be doing this pretty soon! :)

  4. Ooh really looking forward to the mac haul xx

  5. your header picture just made me hungry ;)
    love your blog!

  6. I love reading these posts thanks huni xoxo

  7. @Computergirl: Thank you for your comment, im glad you enjoyed reading it! x

    @Jo: Thank you hunny, Im glad you enjoyed it! xo

    @Nikki: Thanks for your comment, Cant wait to read yours when you do it! x

    @Sarah: Hopefully my MAC order will be here soon, so haul will follow! Have also purchased some things from ASOS & ELF so will have more hauls! xo

    @Feline: Thank you for your nice comment xo

    @Juicygirl: Thanks for your comment hun & glad you liked reading! x


  8. really enjoyed reading this :) Id be made up if you checked out my blog! x x


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