Thursday, 19 November 2009

Review: Lush 'Blackberry' Bath Bomb

Hi girlies!
I used this bath bomb recently and thought i would give you a quick review & my thoughts on it! :)

What lush says about this product:

'With bergamot, frankincense and berries for uplifting, grounding and fruity feelings. When you're feeling off colour and out of sorts, drop this Ballistic of purply goodness into the bath. In no time at all, the frisky scent of blackcurrant will tug at the corners of your mouth, pulling them towards your ears. Bergamot relieves tension and frankincense will wrap itself around you like a cosy blanket. All your cares will dissolve into a warming purple haze.'
Price: £2.56 for a 180g bomb
Overall verdict:
  • Smelled delicious
  • Turned the water a gorgeous bluey-purple colour
  • Left my skin soft
  • Smell lingered on my skin afterwards
  • The price - think £2.50 is a really good price
  • Stained the bath a little but nothing much to worry about!
Application: Just drop the bath bomb into the bath and it will fizz up and dissolve turning the water a gorgeous colour! :)
I loved this product, i personally think that bath bombs are one of the 'boring' products that lush offers as it doesnt really do much except fizz up and leave your water a nice colour! But this product smells gorgeous - really fruity, left my skin feeling really smooth afterwards and the smell lingered on my skin which i loved! It wasnt a overpowering scent either which is a bonus!
Would i buy it again: Absolutely! I havent tried many of the other lush bath bombs so i would probably purchase those first and work my around the others to see if there are any others i love! I think its a really good price for £2.56 and leaves you nice and relaxed after a long day!
Price: 4/5
Overall rating: 4/5
I picked up some other lush products recently so i will shortly be doing a collective haul soon and hopefully more reviews if you find them helpful? let me know!
Talk soon my lovlies!


  1. Great review! :) I was thinking of getting this bath bomb on my next order to Lush! I love hearing other peoples opinions on bath bombs etc! Id love to see what else you got :)


  2. Great post chick I love bath bombs yummy & they always leave your bathroom a gorgeous smell very girlie xxox

  3. hey ... great review ... i love lush stuff ... my favourite stuff are the bubble bars ... especially the Candy cane one ... also the new one out for christmas the Christmas Eve one smells delicious!
    Also i would really recommend the massage bars they smell lovely and leave my skin so soft!!

    x <3 x

  4. @Nikki: Thank you for your comment doll! Its such a nice smelling bath bomb, not one of the prettiest but still worth a try! :) xox

    @Juicygirl: Thanks so much hun, i totally agree bath bombs are amazing! xox

    @Sugarandspice: Thanks for you comment, I have just picked up the candy cane bubble bar & love it! xo

  5. Great review, I've really gotten into lush products and love reading reviews on all their different products x

  6. thanks hun :) you should definitely do a post on your top lipglosses too!x

  7. Nice review!! I've always wanted to try bath bombs!! Now I know that I should but what's tough is choosing ONE to get =[

    Follow me?

  8. this makes me miss having a bath all the more!! showers just do not compare to a long soak in the tub :( it does sound like it smells amazinggg though!


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