Saturday, 28 November 2009

My 5 Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks!

Hey girlies!
I stole this idea off Jo who started her own little 'tag' of her five favourite products including lipsticks and blushers! So thank you Jo and hope you enjoy!

I thought i would start off my 5 favourites with lipsticks! I only ever wore and bought my first lipstick a couple of months ago and from then - on i just cant get enough of them!
Whilst doing this post i have also realised that i have more high end lipsticks such as Mac and YSL than i do drugstore! Crazy! Especially seens as though i have only been collecting since the end of August!

So here goes.. My 5 favourite drugstore lipsticks!

  • Barry M lip paint No 146 'Dolly pink' - A fairly new purchase, love this though - makes a change from a nude lip and perfect for nights out!
  • Gosh Lipstick No 134 'Darling' - As you can probably tell this is well loved and i have plenty of back ups! My favourite lipstick ever!
  • Barry M lip paint No 101 'Marshmellow' - Hard to work with but when you know how can look amazing!
  • Natural Collection Lipstick 'Apple blossom' - Such a gorgeous colour and a bargain at £1.95!
  • E.LF mineral lipstick 'Natural nymph' - A new purchase which i love already! Think i may review it as i cant get enough of this and have already ordered aback up!
& the swatches to go with them

Left - right
Barry M Dolly pink, Gosh Darling, Barry M Marshmellow, Natural Collection Apple Blossom, ELF natural nymph.
As you can see i absolutely LOVE nude lipsticks, with a bright pink thrown in for good measure! :)
Look out for more of these as i hope to make them a regular feature!


  1. Great favourites! I saw GOSH products in Canada! I'm so excited, hope Barry M can move over to Canada, LOL

    Follow me please?

  2. I love Gosh Darling too!

    Would love to see a top 5 favourite high end lipsticks post. :) x

  3. Great favorites! I love neutral lipsticks, I've been wanting to try GOSH lipsticks but I can't get them here in the US.

  4. Please do a review on the ELF lippie as i know they are super cheap and intriuged if its good!

  5. Love those lipsticks & I always love reading your posts!XO

  6. I own three of them and I can't wait to get Dollypink. I never wore lipstick until I picked up GOSH darling around August too. Now I love them! xx

  7. Those all look lovely...I've just ordered "Natural Nymph" and have heard lots of good things about Gosh "Darling" so may have to get that one next...

  8. @Lisa: Thank you for your comment! You should definitely pick up GOSH darling if you get the chance, its amazing! x

    @Charley: Thank you for the request, I will get my 5 top higher end lipsticks up soon :) xo

    @Diane: Thanks hun, neutral are my favourites too :) xo

    @Thedicegirl: I will get a review of the elf lipstick up for you soon! xo

    @Hannah: Thank you so much for the really sweet comment :) made my day! xo

    @Pyxiee: I used to be a lipgloss girl through and through but now cant believe how much i love lipsticks! Gosh darling was also my first lipstick ever! :) xo

    @Lily: Thank you hun! You will love natural nymph its amazing! xo

  9. Gorgeous! I really need to wear lipstick more, I just cant be bothered half the time though! I wear them a few times then set them away :p


  10. Hehe... nearly the same as my faves! Great post hunny.


  11. Hey ... ive nominated you for an award on my blog

    x <3 x

  12. Gorgeous favourites! I'm really lusting over GOSH Darling, it's such a perfect nude!

  13. I cannot wait to get my hands on some Barry M! It's sad cause there are no stores that sells them but there's always online, right? :) I love your blog as well. I hope to see more entries from you!

  14. Looks great!

    Lovely blog!

  15. Hey doll thanks for following.. loving your blog and am now following you hun.. :) lotsa love


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