Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Long awaited MAC Haul :)

Hi girlies, hope everyone is okay!
Heres the MAC haul that i promised you! It seems like forever since i ordered it and have been patiently waiting for it! I ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived on Monday.
So heres what i ordered
  • 'Naughty noir' eye bag which has in a 209se brush, a mini zoom lash mascara, 'shimmertime' pigment & 'blacktrack' fluidline
  • 'Angel' lipstick
  • 'Hue' lipstick
  • 'Creme cup' lipstick
  • 209 eyeliner brush
  • 'Soft and gentle' mineralize skinfinish - with recomendations from Paula as so ordered this and posted a FOTD & it looked stunning on her so i had to get myself it!
  • 'Dainty' mineralize blush
I hope the quality of the pictures is a little bit better today! I absolutely love everything that i have ordered! Especially the 'naughty noir' eye bag as i was never sure about getting this as alls i wanted was the 'blacktrack' fluidline from it, but im glad i did! The little bag it comes in is so cute!
Hope you like everything ive bought!
Also, i have a collective haul coming up soon which will consist of boots, elf, asos & lush but i dont want to bombard you with too many hauls at once so i will try and space them out! :)
Thank you to all the people who have entered my 50 followers giveaway, it means so much to me and i am nearly at 100 followers wow! I may have to add another product to the prize!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice Haul! I'm jealous! I'm so skint and I want so much from the holiday collection! x

  2. Wicked haul babes. Im like Sophie.. too skint to buy anything haha. Bloody Christmas!!!! Grrrrrrr.


  3. Great haul huni I love everything you got especially the cute bag xoxo

  4. Gorgeous haul. That eye bag you got is probably the best in the whole collection

  5. great haul, im so jealous!
    specially love the 'Naughty noir' eye bag and mineralize skin finish

  6. Wow, MAC <3
    You bought many nice things. I envy you. I want them all! :D

  7. Fantastic haul! You're making us jealous :) hehe. Dainty is my most favourite blush in the world, so pretty. And you have Creme Cup lipstick! I thought this was a LE colour, but it seems not?

  8. @Sophie: Thank you for your comment hun! Ooh what you wanting from the holiday collection? There wasnt really much else i fancied! xo

    @Jo: Thank you for the comment darlin, really means a lot! Youve gotta love christmas though :) xo

    @Juicygirl: Thanks hunny, I love the naughty noir bag, its so small & cute! xo

    @legseleven: Thanks for your comment hun, i love the eye bag, the products in it are amazing especially the pigment! xox

    @Mia: Thanks for commenting hun xo

    @Aralka: Thank you for leaving me a comment! xo

    @Georgie: Thank you doll! I dont think its LE hun, i picked this particular one up from debenhams yesturday but must admit its the first time ive ever seen it! But it is a gorgeous colour xox

  9. Fab haul, i have Hue and its gorgeous x

  10. Gorgeous haul! I want them all now! :( but alas im so broke now coming up to christmas!


  11. Shimmertime is a gorgeous pigment! Creme cup is my HG lipstick. Great haul! x

  12. I love the creme cup lipstick ... one of the only lipsticks i'll wear .. its lovely and smooth!!
    Also how cute is the naughty noir bag ... i <3 the holiday collection!!


  13. Ohhhh I'm so jealous! That's a fab haul!!

    I absolutely LOVE Angel, feel like I need to try a few more MAC lippies and the other two you bout look gorge! Can't wait to see how you get on with them :)


  14. Great Haul, I love Soft & Gentle I wear it everyday sometimes just that mascara and lipgloss and I'm all set. Just found your blog and I love it, following you now =)

  15. Oooh you bought lovely things!!! I adore all 3 of those lipsticks... I have Angel coming my way and already own Hue. Creme Cup has been on my wishlist for ages. Please do swatches!

  16. dainty blush looks gawjus! I want =) lovely haul hun

  17. I got the eye bag fro crimbo and i loved the min zoom lash but i dont like the full size zoom. it had like a different brush im sure. How do you find the shimmertime pigment? im not overly keen on it xxx

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