Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Little Advice Needed...OPI Polishes

Hey girls,
Ive decided to go ahead and purchase some of my first OPI nail polishes.
I will be ordering them from ebay as i have found a seller from the US who gives free worldwide delivery if you buy 10 or more polishes. (Lots of brands available including China Glaze & Essie).
The regular OPI nail polishes are approximately £4 & the Sephora OPI colours are £8.
So it will cost around £40 for 10 OPI nail polishes when the U.K price for one is £10!
The only problem i have is what colours to choose! They have so many gorgeous colours & im a bit stuck!
I have a few that i know i definately want! But they seem to be mostly pink & i wanted to go for something a bit different not just a variant of the same colour!
My definites so far are:
  1. Sephora 'Metro chic'
  2. Mod about you
  3. Done out in deco
  4. Elephantastic pink
  5. Lincoln after dark? Not too sure about this one!
Do you own any of these nail polishes? Or are there any colours by OPI that you would recommend?
Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance guys
Also, if you want the name of the seller just let me know :)


  1. Hi! Nice blog =)
    I'm not too sure what your preferences are, but the colours you chose are super pretty! I really like Metro chic. Hope to see your haul soon!

  2. i am really tempted to copy you but i have just bought 2 Barry M varnishes and 3 from Eyeko! do i really need anymore??

  3. Thanks for your comments hun :) means alot to me when people comment my blog.

    Yeah I'm really excited about seeing the boy hehe.

    And yeah fireworks are so annoying, I don't mind them on actual bonfire night but every night before and after that for a week is a bit much tbh.

    Love your blog btw =D

  4. My Private Jet is on my wishlist.
    And i just got Do you lilac it and Dating a royal. Would def like to pick up some more soon!

  5. Some of my favourite colours are My Private Jet-Must have in my opinion!, Ink and A Grape Fit.

  6. Lincoln park after dark and Lincoln park after midnight are really good fall colours, anything dark or Plum coloured are really nice this time of year ... just make sure what your ordering is real stuff as it sounds to good to be true!



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