Friday, 27 November 2009

Huge Collective Haul: ASOS, E.L.F, Boots & Lush!

Hi girlies!
I have quite a big collective haul for you! These are things ive picked up over the past week or so and didnt want to bombard you with haul after haul so thought i would put it into one collective haul!
I'll start with the things i got from boots! I only picked up two things!
Here they are:
  • L'oreal renewal lash serum £10.76
  • Maybelline 'the colossal' mascara in black £6.99
Next up is my E.L.F order! I picked up a couple of the new products from the studio line and also a mineral lipstick!

  • Mineral lipstick in 'natural nymph' £3.50
  • Small brush holder £5.00
  • Studio blush brush £3.50
  • Studio blush in 'tickled pink' £3.50
First thoughts on the lipstick is amazing! I love the colour of this, so creamy and moisturising, i have already ordered myself a back up! The brush holder is perfect for my elf brushes!
I then made an online order on the ASOS website as they were offering free delivery, i only picked up 2 little things!

  • Batiste coloured dry shampoo £3.00
  • Eyeko punk polish £2.00
Last but not least is my lush order! I love lush and thought i would pick up a couple of things they bring out with the christmas collection!
  • 'Fairy tail' Sugar scrub £2.50 - This has got a little bit wet as you can see from the picture :( so i am going to use it tonight and hopefully do a review on it for you!
  • Angels delight soap £3.47
  • Candy cane bubble bar £2.35
Thats all for now girls! Do you have any of the products i picked up?


  1. I have Angels Delight. Not used it yet but it smells amazing. And I'm going to be getting Candy Cane when I go again. :D

  2. @Bicky: Thanks for the lovely comment hun! :)
    Angels delight is amazing! Smells gorgeous & i got to pick my own bar which had lots of nice coloured bits in!
    <3 xox

  3. Great Haul! I picked up the large elf brush holder, Could probably use a bigger one though if I keep getting brushes the way I do!haha! I ordered some more stuff from elf so im hoping itll be here soon! :D


  4. I've seen a few ppl picking up elf lipsticks but I totally forgot to look at them. I think I might have to place a little order ;)
    I don't have a lush that local but have a few more to try before I do a BIG lush post. I am going to Liverpool on tuesday and I definitely want to pick up a candy cane bar xx

  5. Fab haul hun! love the elf stuf u got

  6. Didn't realise they'd added new lipstick colours.. will have to go check out the ELF website! :)

    Would love to hear how you get on with the renewal lash serum i keep looking at this but not sure if i should buy it.

  7. Brill haul hun ... I love the lush stuff ... the Candy cane bar is so nice, one of my fav's! Unfortunatly it wasnt avaiable in my Lush the last time i went :(

    x <3 x

  8. Some fab buys, I remember when you were debating whether to get the brush holder or not,it looks really nice in the picture. Will you let me know how you get on with the blusher brush? I've been thinking of buying that for a while x

  9. great haul missy i love everything you got especially lush bubble bar & sugar scrub xoxo

  10. Gorgeous haul

  11. nice haul !!i want all those !hehe
    i heard that loreal renewal lash serum does a wonderful job !i cant wait to have one !hehehe

  12. Great haul! I really want to try Baptiste but I can't find it here in Toronto! =[

  13. Nice haul. Id love to love Lush products because they look so lovely but i just dont get it yet lol. Can i ask you is that Blush by ELF good?

  14. Lovely haul! That elf blush looks like NARS, hey? I'd love to try the lash serum, I've read great things about it! Can't wait to read your review =)

  15. nice items
    you have a good eye.
    I love seeing new posts from you on here,

    Thanks for showing us your new items

  16. @Nikki: Thanks chick! I may have to order myself the large brush holder too! Cant wait for your haul! :) xox

    @Pyxiee: Thanks for your comment hun, i would love to see your lush and elf haul! The lipsticks are amazing, i cant recommend them enough! xo

    @Shifa: Thank you so much for your comment hun :) xo

    @Charley: I will keep on using the lash serum and will get a review up for you when its had some good useage :) xo

    @Sugar&spice: Thank you hunny, the candy cane bubble bar is gorgeous! xo

    @Peonies: Thanks lovey, im glad i did pick up the brush holder in the end, i love it! I will definitely let you know how i get on with the blusher brush but first impressions are amazing! SO soft & the perfect size! xox

    @Juicygurl: Thanks doll, as i said on twitter the boyf has disolved the sugar scrub :( so will have to get myself another! xox

    @legseleven: Thank you hunny :) xox

    @vanilla: Thank you for your really nice comment! xo

    @Lisa: aww thats a shame! Its an amazing product, hopefully you can find it soon! ox

    @Cri: Thanks for the comment, i havent used the elf blush as of yet but when i do i will let you know hun! :) xo

    @Marce: Thanks hun, i will get the review out when i have given it a good try :) xo

    @Magpie burns: Thank you hun, your comments always make me smile! I left you a comment on your blog, hope youve had the chance to see it! xoxo

  17. Fab haul, i'd love to see what you think of the new bastiste, i use the normal one but haven't seen the new one yet x

  18. I also bought elf's Natural Nymph and am obsessed with it!! Buying a backup is a good idea! I always wear it with elf's Au Naturale Lipgloss over it because I find it's a little dry at times and with the gloss it makes it creamier. =) love your blog!! and my giveaway is international so no worries! =) xoxo!!

  19. I can't wait for my elf order to arrive xD


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