Monday, 26 October 2009

Ugg Boots! & A Discount Code!

Personally, i am a massive fan of Ugg boots! & over the years i must of had at least 5 different pairs!

I love the fact that they can be worn with literally anything, they are super comfy and warm! & perfect for cold, winter months!

Throughout the winter i pretty much live in my Uggs & wear them nearly every day!

So on Sunday, i found a £50(!!) discount code when you spend £150 or more at and me thinking it would be rude to waste an opportunity like that i went ahead and ordered myself a pair of these!

The Tall Ugg boots in Chestnut! They retail at £190, but with my discount + postage costs i got them for £145.95 to be exact!
I love these & cannot wait for them to arrive! Expect a photo when i receive them!
For £50 off when you spend £150 on enter 'cowshed' into the discount code box. I am not sure when it expires but it is still working as of today.
So, do you love or loathe Ugg boots? & if so, which pairs do you own?


  1. LOVE UGGS <3
    ...I just hate the price, but it's worth it!
    Like you said, they are amazing in the winter!!

  2. Thank you for the comment!
    Have just looked at your blog, its amazing! Have followed!
    My uggs came today - love at first sight! My first pair of tall ones!
    Thanks again! :-)


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