Monday, 19 October 2009

To Depot Or Not To Depot?

So as you all know i have recently purchased my first mac eyeshadows yay!
I bought 5 online in their pots, 2 eyeshadows from the CCO in their pots and also a 15 pan pro eyeshadow palette and 2 eyeshadows in their pans. I hope you follow so far!
I have put my two pans into the palette already (grain & cork) but they look a little bit lonely sat on their own! I previously decided to depot the neo sci-fi shadows i bought from the cco as i hated the bright orange packaging so that would leave me with 4 eyeshadows in my palette!
However, i would be left with 5 eyeshadows in their pots. I love the eyeshadows sat pretty in their pots but i know i will sometime get the urge to depot them all and put them in the palette.
My dilema is that i dont know whether to depot them all now and add them to my palette and then just buy pan eyeshadows from now on, or keep my eyeshadows in their pots & leave 2 e/s in the palette!
Im sorry if this is ever so confusing!
But if i leave them in their pots for now, what do i buy in future pots or pans?
So ladies to depot or not to depot? What do you prefer & how do you keep your mac eyeshadows?


  1. i keep my eyeshadows in my palettes. i sometimes buy mine in the pot and depot them and trade in the empty containers in the back to MAC program but that also costs more. it's all a preference :) lol.

  2. wow thank you so much for the response!
    I have decided to depot my eyeshadows & put them into my palette :-) it will be cheaper in the long run and i will be able to see my colours more clearly!
    Im not sure if my MAC counter will take my empties back without the pan so will have to see first!
    Thank you again!
    <3 xox

  3. This might be a really random question! But, you mentioned you got a couple of shadows at your CCO, and I was wondering where your nearest one was because I didn't think we had them in England!! Thanks :) xx


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