Friday, 23 October 2009

A Teeny MAC Haul..

Ive done it again! What am i like!
I told you that once i start something i need to get everything! My mission is to fill my 15 pan pro eyeshadow palette!
I had 9 so far, and have just aquired 2 more which means expect a haul of 4 more eyeshadows very soon! & a picture of my shiny full palette!

I only got 4 things, and picked them up from the CCO!

Sorry for the poor quality picture! As always!
The products i picked up where:
  • 'Go' eyeshadow from last years starflash collection £7.00
  • Studio finish concealer in NW20 £8.40
  • 'Patina' eyeshadow (still available at MAC) £7.70
  • 194 concealer brush £11.25
So as you can see i am slowly adding to my MAC brush collection (6 so far, yay!) & my eyeshadow collection! I have nothing but good things to say about each products!
As you can probably tell also i am a neutral eye kind-of-girl, and love all things brown & gold!
Thats it for now guys,
Hope you like everything ive bought!
Oh one more thing, was thinking about getting the fix +, has anyone used this and would they recommend it?
Thanks Girls
Here they are:


  1. ooh love the look of GO really want to go to my nearest CCO now! Fix + in my eyes is not essential I never reach for mine!xx

  2. Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it! :-)
    My nearest CCO is at York from Leeds, not too sure where the others are though!
    Thank you for not recommending fix+ dont think i will pick it up now! However, as it was the CCO it was the Fix+ rose which i believe came out with the rose romance collection? Maybe i am wrong! So thought it would be nice to try compared to the normal one!
    Go is such a gorgeous colour, as i said im into neutral colours so much and never really go out of those boundaries so it is perfect for me!
    Sinead xox

  3. ive got fix+ at the moment i love it my foundation feels soft on myskin and it does stay but i dont really know what its spose to do so yea lawls. any who instead of buying pots and going through the whole process of depotting when you order online or i think im not sure if you got to ur cco they sell the refil pans for £9 cheaper and less hassle lols.
    i actualy didnt realise im not following you well thought i was oh well i shall do it now. :D

  4. Thank you so much for your comment!
    Yeah from now on i am going to buy my eyeshadows in the refill pans but the CCO didnt have any and these potted ones were both under £8 so cheaper than buying a refill pan online if you get me? I have ordered some magnets so will have to spend a night depotting :-)
    Your still not showing up on my followers list which is strange, but thanks anyway hun!
    Love your blog!


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