Friday, 30 October 2009

Review: Lush 'The Comforter' Bubble Bar

I love lush & their products, the scents & the range of products are gorgeous. I am always on the look out for recommendations so please tell me your lush faves!

The product im reviewing is 'The comforter' bubble bar.

What lush says about this product...

'A warming, fruity, fluffy bath to protect you from the big, wide world. There are times when all you want to do is wrap up warm in a snuggly blanket and defend yourself against lifes insurmountable problems. Thats when you need the warm, pink blackcurrant scented waters of The Comforters reassuring presence. Take a long, soothing bath, have a good nights sleep (allowing your unconscious mind to do a lot of sorting out for you) and when the day dawns things wont seem so bad). Promise.'

Price: £3.89 for a 200g bar

Overall verdict:

  • Turned the water pink
  • Smells absolutely gorgeous
  • Made lots of long lasting, bubbles
  • Wasnt drying to the skin
  • Great price
  • Lasts a long time as you dont need to use the whole bar at once
  • Found it slightly greasy in the water but didnt leave my skin greasy
Application: Hold the bubble bar under running hot water and crumble in between your fingers until you have used the bar up. And voila a nice smelling, pink, bubbly bath! :)
I absolutely loved this product! The bar is huge & can be broken into pieces and reused for lots of baths. Although the bar is huge, i used it all at once and it turned the water a gorgeous pink colour with lots & lots of bubbles. The smell is gorgeous,as most lush products are! It had a really nice, fruit scent that wasnt overpowering & lingered in the water for a long time which i liked.
I think this is really good value for money at just under £4 & i would say can be broken up into 4 pieces, so perfect for 4 pink, bubbly baths. I also love the swirly, pink & white pattern of this bubble bar.
This wasnt drying to my skin at all, however i found that it felt slightly greasy in the water, but this was the only downfall i found with this product & maybe this was because i used the whole bar! It left me feeling moisturised afterwards & not greasy at all.
Overall i love this product, and would recommend to all. Lush do a wide range of bubble bars, and this plus the creamy candy bar are defo 2 of my faves!
Would i buy it again: I will definately be purchasing again (but maybe not using the whole bar at once next time!) I found this extremely soothing, and was nice after a long day.
Price: 4/5
Overall rating: 5/5
I hope you found this useful. If there are any other lush products you would like me to review, then please let me know and i will purchase, use & review them for you! :)
Thanks for reading xo


  1. I LOVE this bubble bar!
    Wow, what a great review.. so detailed and honest, good stuff! <3

  2. That looks gorgeous tbh....just looking at it has really made me want to take a bath! I think i may be having to invest in this x

  3. love this i usually split it into 3 pieces and share it with my girls :)

  4. I LOVE this bubble bar! Thanks for sharing the reviews! =)
    Btw, I'm following you now. *____^

  5. Excellent review! I think I actually want to eat the bubble bar judging from the pic though? Probs not a good idea..


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