Sunday, 25 October 2009

My Top 5 Barry M Nail Paints!

I absolutely adore Barry M nail paints & for a number of reasons!
  1. The colour range is HUGE! You can literally find any colour that you could possibly ever want or need!
  2. The colour pay off is amazing
  3. They give really good coverage
  4. You get a huge bottle full!
  5. They are only £2.95!
I must own around 12 or so Barry M nail paints so i dont have enough to do my top 10 so i thought i would pick out my top 5 & why i love them!

So here goes!

Black (47), Fuchsia (302), Coral (296), Grey (293) & Pink Flamingo (305)
  • Black - Black is such an all round colour. They coverage is really good and i usually use 2 coats to get an amazing opaque coverage. This is non streaky and i find that it is chip free. I love black nail polish, i think it can be worn for any occassion and looks great with anything. I own a few brands of black nail polish, including MAC and i think this is definately my favourite!
  • Fuchsia - Fuchsia (took a few times to spell correctly!) is a perfect bright, vibrant purpley pink. I love this colour, one of my first Barry M nail polish purchases & i reach for it quite often!
  • Coral - Coral was absolutely amazing for the summer! It is so bright & girly & is the most amazing orangey, coral colour! This was a reccomendation from many bloggers & gurus on youtube which made me pick this up and im glad i did because i dont think i would of other wise!
  • Grey - I have only recently got into grey nail polish having seen it on gurus such as Laura (lollipop26) and i have to say i love it! It is one of my favourite colours ever and i think looks amazing!
  • Pink Flamingo- One of Barry M's newest nail paints & is my all time fave! This was so hard to track down when it first came into the shops so as soon as i found it i made sure i bought 2! This colour is simply stunning, the most amazing, vibrant pink! Anyone that loves pink nail polish definately needs to own pink flamingo!
So thats it guys! My top 5 Barry M nail paints!I love each and every one of them with pink flamingo deffinately my all time favourite, i new i was going to love it from the picture on the website before it was released!
I honestly cannot recommend these nail paints enough! I can guarantee that if you purchase them you will love them!
What nail paints, if any do you own? & any recommendations for my collection? :-)
Love you all & thank you for reading!


  1. I'm so jealous, I wish Barry M was in Canada too!
    Love your blog :)

  2. Thank you!
    Barry M is amazing - i think their website ships internationally though? Maybe have a look into that!

  3. I think I own most of there nail polishes I love them! There so good and so cheap that I always buy a new one that I dont own if I see it!!


  4. i adore barry m nail varnish im glad ive found someone who shares my passion :)


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