Friday, 23 October 2009

My Non-MAC Brush Collection

Hey Girlies,

I thought that i would show you my everyday make up brushes, and what i use each one for and if i would recommend them for you to buy!

I didnt want to include my MAC ones as i have just recently picked them up they are all in my recent hauls so i thought i would show my other brushes to you!

They are mainly GOSH (at superdrug) but a couple are from the body shop.

This is my Gosh brush roll with my face & eye brushes in.

I will start off with my Gosh Face Brushes

From left to right they are:

  • Foundation brush - I love this brush, it is so soft (when clean!) and i use this everyday with my foundation. I think it is around £9 and in my opinion well worth the money.
  • Blusher brush - This brush is comparable to the 129, but not as soft, it sheds a little bit but for the price of this i would definately recommend this for blush on the apples of your cheeks.
  • Powder brush - I use this brush for my bronzer everyday. It is a large size powder brush and perfect for bronzing. I havent experienced much shedding from this brush at all.
  • Powder brush - This is the softest drugstore brush i have ever felt, it feels amazing. It is tapered at the top so is perfect for powder, bronzer and blusher.
  • Stippling brush - This is the only Gosh brush i own that i wouldnt recommend to anyone. I thought that it would be comparable to the MAC 187 but the MAC is by far a lot better quality. This brush sheds everytime i use it and i bought this for buffing in my foundation which then leaves hairs stuck to my foundation. After buying the 187 i would highly recommend it, it is so soft, has many uses such as powder, foundation, blush & bronzer and doesnt shed unlike other stippling brushes.
Eye brushes
  • Round Eyeshadow brush - this brush is amazing for crease work and can be comparable to the MAC pencil brush although i do not own this to compare. (although it is on my wish list!) It blends eyeshadows really well and i pick this up on a daily basis.
  • Flat eyeshadow brush - love this brush its amazing. Its really soft and works really well for eyeshadow and is the size of the MAC 239 but not as dense.
  • XL eyeshadow brush - I pick this brush up daily for my eyeshadow, works really well for packing on the eyeshadow on the lid. It is quite large and dense.

Overall i would highly recommend the Gosh brushes. Each brush i own was under £10 which is amazing value, and the brush roll was £9. Gosh in superdrug often has 3 for 2 offers on so you can really pick up a bargain.
The brushes have a black handle & barrel ( i think thats what the metal top part is called?) and in my opinion look really sleek and professional.
On to my two body shop brushes, they are both Kabuki brushes that came out with the body shop natures minerals collection which are meant to be used for mineral products.

On the left is a baby kabuki and on the right is the bigger kabuki.
I use the small one for mainly my blusher, and the larger one for my MAC mineralize skinfinish natural. These brushes feel amazing and are so soft yet dense at the same time. They are extremely good quality and i havent experienced any shedding at all. I would ask anyone that uses a kabuki to check these brushes out and they are under £15.
So, there you have my small and compact non MAC brush collection! If you have any questions on the brushes please leave me a comment!


  1. that was really helpful! I'm definately going to check out some gosh brushes now, but i'll stick to my mac 187!xx

  2. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog xoxo

  3. i have been umming and ahhing about getting more brushes and this really helped. i have looked at GOSH a few times but when im out shoppingi tend to go for other items and brushes get ahem "swept" by the wayside. Im definatley going to spend some time next shopping trip really loking for some good brushes. Thanks for showing us some of your collection.

  4. hiya its magpie burns - the last comment by jupiter was me. i signed into google rather than hotmail. anyway great post and im going to check out some brushes on my next shopping

  5. Daisy bee: Thank you so much for your comment!Im really glad that you found this helpful!

    Magpie Burns: Hiya Hunny! Thank you for your lovely comments! I have a very strange obsession with make up brushes and like you tended to push them to the side..until recently! I have gained such a love for them, which does sound quite weird & my boyfriend thinks im crazy but they really do change how your make up looks!
    Take care hun & Talk soon!

  6. I have brush envy..I love your blog! so cute!


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