Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My Eyeshadow Palette! :)

Me & the boyfriend spent tonight de-potting my eyeshadows!

The hubby took the pans out of the pots using a candle & then took the glue from the base of the pan, whilst i took the labels off the bottom of the eyeshadow pots, put the magnets on the pans & then placed them into my palette. It was like me had a production line going!
So...My full eyeshadow pallette! :)

(Click on the picture to make it bigger! This one is labelled!)

From left to right, top to bottom
  1. Brule, Naked Lunch, Cork, Woodwinked, Mulch
  2. Grain, All that glitters, Satin taupe, Go, Antiqued
  3. Femme-fi, Patina, Sable, Tempting, Magnetic fields
And some swatches, sorry they are not so good! I have tried to label each one & have wrote the names underneath in order!

Brule, Naked Lunch, Cork, Woodwinked, Mulch

Grain, All that glitters, Satin Taupe, Go, Antiqued

Femme-Fi, Patina, Sable, Tempting, Magnetic Fields
So there you have it! My eyeshadow palette full! :) and im extremely happy! Alls i need to do now is buy another empty palette & start all over again!
If youve got any questions or comments please leave them below! Also link me to your eyeshdow palettes, i would love to take a look!
Thanks girlies


  1. really nice collection of colours - very earthy.
    im must get my hands on some more MAC.
    like the way you have placed them in the palette.
    And its nice that your chap helped you

  2. Thanks for the really nice comment hunny!
    The colours there are pretty much the only ones i would ever use! very neutral, browns & beiges! Stick to what you know is what i say!
    I tried placing them from light to dark, dont know if you could tell! lol!
    <3 xox

  3. Love it! I wish my boyfriend would help me with stuff to do with make up but he hates it all! I try and get him too read my blog so I can hint at some of the stuff he could buy me for christmas but hes so un interested! haha, Your pallete looks good & i love all the eye shadows! I dont own hardly any mac eye shadows!!


  4. Thank you so much for your comment!
    My boyfriend did used to be the same but i have had 4 long years to mould him how i want him! lol!
    I dont really think hes interested but he pretends to be for my sake & thats why i love him! :)
    MAC shadows are the greatest, i would highly recommend them! I didnt own any at all till about 2 weeks ago!

    <3 xox

  5. what a lovely palette! I'm so impressed at your hubby helping you depot them! xxx

  6. I love this palette! Very natural & classy :)
    You've got most of my favourite shades in there, including Antiqued! Yay!

  7. What a great blog - I just stumbled accross it today :)

    The palette is gorg. I like the way you've arranged the colours - very professional looking!

  8. Omg! You have the palette of my dreams! Lucky girl! x

  9. i just stumbled accross your blog, gonna follow you :)
    where did you buy the magnets for the pans? thank you so much!

  10. omg, most perfect palette ever! desperate to build my own up xx


Thank you for all your lovely comments, If you have any questions I will try and answer them for you. You can also email me at or find me on twitter @daintydollymix :)

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