Friday, 30 October 2009

NOTD: Barry M Nail Paint

My first ever Nail of the day! :) Extremely Excited!
The colour of choice today is the Barry M Nail paint in number 293 grey.
With flash

Without flash

The trueness of the colour would definately have to be from the picture without the flash as it is quite dark.
This is a colour up until a few months ago i wouldnt of thought twice about, let alone pick up & buy. It was from many recommendations from youtube and blogs that i began to love this colour and thought it looked amazing on nails. I then purchased the Barry M grey & this is the only grey i own. I find that its the perfect grey & i am more than happy with it! :)
I love this colour, it is quite a dark grey almost black i would say. It goes on extremely well, no streaking, or chips so far! It will be perfect for winter!
The price of the Barry M nail paints are only £2.95 & the bottles are huge. This has definately got to be one of my favourite of the nail paints i own & i do have quite a big selection!

Thanks for reading girlies

Review: Lush 'The Comforter' Bubble Bar

I love lush & their products, the scents & the range of products are gorgeous. I am always on the look out for recommendations so please tell me your lush faves!

The product im reviewing is 'The comforter' bubble bar.

What lush says about this product...

'A warming, fruity, fluffy bath to protect you from the big, wide world. There are times when all you want to do is wrap up warm in a snuggly blanket and defend yourself against lifes insurmountable problems. Thats when you need the warm, pink blackcurrant scented waters of The Comforters reassuring presence. Take a long, soothing bath, have a good nights sleep (allowing your unconscious mind to do a lot of sorting out for you) and when the day dawns things wont seem so bad). Promise.'

Price: £3.89 for a 200g bar

Overall verdict:

  • Turned the water pink
  • Smells absolutely gorgeous
  • Made lots of long lasting, bubbles
  • Wasnt drying to the skin
  • Great price
  • Lasts a long time as you dont need to use the whole bar at once
  • Found it slightly greasy in the water but didnt leave my skin greasy
Application: Hold the bubble bar under running hot water and crumble in between your fingers until you have used the bar up. And voila a nice smelling, pink, bubbly bath! :)
I absolutely loved this product! The bar is huge & can be broken into pieces and reused for lots of baths. Although the bar is huge, i used it all at once and it turned the water a gorgeous pink colour with lots & lots of bubbles. The smell is gorgeous,as most lush products are! It had a really nice, fruit scent that wasnt overpowering & lingered in the water for a long time which i liked.
I think this is really good value for money at just under £4 & i would say can be broken up into 4 pieces, so perfect for 4 pink, bubbly baths. I also love the swirly, pink & white pattern of this bubble bar.
This wasnt drying to my skin at all, however i found that it felt slightly greasy in the water, but this was the only downfall i found with this product & maybe this was because i used the whole bar! It left me feeling moisturised afterwards & not greasy at all.
Overall i love this product, and would recommend to all. Lush do a wide range of bubble bars, and this plus the creamy candy bar are defo 2 of my faves!
Would i buy it again: I will definately be purchasing again (but maybe not using the whole bar at once next time!) I found this extremely soothing, and was nice after a long day.
Price: 4/5
Overall rating: 5/5
I hope you found this useful. If there are any other lush products you would like me to review, then please let me know and i will purchase, use & review them for you! :)
Thanks for reading xo

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My Eyeshadow Palette! :)

Me & the boyfriend spent tonight de-potting my eyeshadows!

The hubby took the pans out of the pots using a candle & then took the glue from the base of the pan, whilst i took the labels off the bottom of the eyeshadow pots, put the magnets on the pans & then placed them into my palette. It was like me had a production line going!
So...My full eyeshadow pallette! :)

(Click on the picture to make it bigger! This one is labelled!)

From left to right, top to bottom
  1. Brule, Naked Lunch, Cork, Woodwinked, Mulch
  2. Grain, All that glitters, Satin taupe, Go, Antiqued
  3. Femme-fi, Patina, Sable, Tempting, Magnetic fields
And some swatches, sorry they are not so good! I have tried to label each one & have wrote the names underneath in order!

Brule, Naked Lunch, Cork, Woodwinked, Mulch

Grain, All that glitters, Satin Taupe, Go, Antiqued

Femme-Fi, Patina, Sable, Tempting, Magnetic Fields
So there you have it! My eyeshadow palette full! :) and im extremely happy! Alls i need to do now is buy another empty palette & start all over again!
If youve got any questions or comments please leave them below! Also link me to your eyeshdow palettes, i would love to take a look!
Thanks girlies

Show & Tell

Today i received my online order from MAC, as promised it contains 4 eyeshadow refill pans that will go straight into my MAC palette, which brings the number of MAC eyeshadows i now own to 15. Which purchased in around 2 weeks is like one a day! crazy!
So tonight will be a funfilled night of depotting eyeshadows but i cant wait for the result & a shiny full palette!
I only purchased 5 things in total, i ordered over the weekend & they came on Wednesday so its not too bad.
Here is what i got..
  • Antiqued eyeshadow (veluxe pearl) - Ash brown with gold cast
  • Woodwinked eyeshadow (veluxe pearl) - Warm antique gold
  • Brule eyeshdow (satin) - soft, muted creamy-beige
  • Tempting eyeshadow (lustre) - sinfully rich coco
  • 227 brush - absolutely love this brush! Its huge, and so soft! Will be perfect for packing on eyeshadow!
I love each in and every colour that ive bought! I am always so wary of what the colours may be like when ordering online before seeing them in person, but after lots of goggling for pictures & swatches i am extremely happy with all of my items!
What are your favourite eyeshadows? I would love to know!
Look out for my full palette! & swatches of each of the colours! Especially if you love brown & neutral colours! Cant wait to show you!
Thank you for reading

My Everyday Face Make-Up Routine

Hi Girlies,
I thought i would do a post on my daily face routine, bearing in mind that this is just the basics for everyday such as uni & days off! :)
First of all i would cleanse, tone moisturise etc but i will show the products and how i use them on a separate skincare blog post.
So this is all the products i use pretty much everyday

Face products

  • GOSH velvet touch face primer - Not too sure what i think about this yet but i thought it would give it a fair try first.
  • Revlon colorstay foundation in 220 natural beige - Love this foundation, quite a heavy coverage but that is what i like from a foundation. Quite similar to sff by MAC.
  • GOSH foundation brush - I love this brush, works perfectly & doesnt leave any streaks. However, i may have to buy the MAC 190 and compare!
  • MAC Mineralize skinfinish Natural - medium - The perfect lightweight powder to go over any foundation
  • Body shop large kabuki brush - This brush is LOVE! An amazing kabuki brush that works really well with the MSFN
  • Barry M natural dazzle compact - Comparable to NARS laguna, love this bronzer for everyday wear
  • GOSH large powder brush - Great with the Barry M bronzer
  • MAC mineralize blush in gentle - The most amazing, baby pink blush. Perfect for everyday & gives a nice, shimmery glow
  • GOSH blush brush - Love this brush for using blush on the apples of the cheeks
Eye & lip products

  • Urban decay primer potion - Amazing product, works really well as a base under eyeshadows and leaves them crease free all day long
  • Sleek eyeshadow palette in 'storm' - These products are amazing quality, and such a good price. I love all the neutral colours in this eyeshadow.
  • GOSH flat eyeshadow brush - Perfect for packing on eyeshadow
  • GOSH round eyeshadow brush - Like the MAC pencil brush & really good for adding eyeshadow to the crease
  • No7 perfect eyes eyeliner in black - Nice, creamy eyeliner with a smudger tip on the other end
  • Rimmel sexy curves mascara in black - My favourite mascara, i have & try so many but seem to always go back to this
  • GOSH liptick in 134 darling - My holy grail lipstick, i absolutely love this! Such a perfect nude colour and has a really creamy, moisturising texture which doesnt leave your lips looking dry like other nude lipsticks can.
Thank you so much if you have got this far! That is my basic everyday make up routine, a skincare routine will be up soon i promise!
If you have any questions, or you want any reviews of the products please leave a comment! :)

Monday, 26 October 2009

Eyeko Ambassador Code

I have seen quite a few bloggers and youtube gurus mention a Eyeko ambassador quote and i was intrigued to take a look for myself and see what all the fuss was about.
I absolutely love eyeko products! From their 3-in-1 cream to their tinted cream, the products are amazing, such good quaility and for a really good price!
I decided to take advantage and sign up to become an Ambassador! If you use my ambassador code you will receive a free gift whenever you place a online order with Eyeko. The best thing is there is free shipping on all orders!
The Eyeko website is:
& My Ambassador code is: E6920
I would definately recommend you to take a browse of their website & try out some of their products as they are truely amazing. The packaging is to die for!
Eyeko products can also be found instores at Superdrug.
Have you tried any eyeko products? & if so what are your faves?
Thanks for reading girlies

Ugg Boots! & A Discount Code!

Personally, i am a massive fan of Ugg boots! & over the years i must of had at least 5 different pairs!

I love the fact that they can be worn with literally anything, they are super comfy and warm! & perfect for cold, winter months!

Throughout the winter i pretty much live in my Uggs & wear them nearly every day!

So on Sunday, i found a £50(!!) discount code when you spend £150 or more at and me thinking it would be rude to waste an opportunity like that i went ahead and ordered myself a pair of these!

The Tall Ugg boots in Chestnut! They retail at £190, but with my discount + postage costs i got them for £145.95 to be exact!
I love these & cannot wait for them to arrive! Expect a photo when i receive them!
For £50 off when you spend £150 on enter 'cowshed' into the discount code box. I am not sure when it expires but it is still working as of today.
So, do you love or loathe Ugg boots? & if so, which pairs do you own?

Sunday, 25 October 2009

My Top 5 Barry M Nail Paints!

I absolutely adore Barry M nail paints & for a number of reasons!
  1. The colour range is HUGE! You can literally find any colour that you could possibly ever want or need!
  2. The colour pay off is amazing
  3. They give really good coverage
  4. You get a huge bottle full!
  5. They are only £2.95!
I must own around 12 or so Barry M nail paints so i dont have enough to do my top 10 so i thought i would pick out my top 5 & why i love them!

So here goes!

Black (47), Fuchsia (302), Coral (296), Grey (293) & Pink Flamingo (305)
  • Black - Black is such an all round colour. They coverage is really good and i usually use 2 coats to get an amazing opaque coverage. This is non streaky and i find that it is chip free. I love black nail polish, i think it can be worn for any occassion and looks great with anything. I own a few brands of black nail polish, including MAC and i think this is definately my favourite!
  • Fuchsia - Fuchsia (took a few times to spell correctly!) is a perfect bright, vibrant purpley pink. I love this colour, one of my first Barry M nail polish purchases & i reach for it quite often!
  • Coral - Coral was absolutely amazing for the summer! It is so bright & girly & is the most amazing orangey, coral colour! This was a reccomendation from many bloggers & gurus on youtube which made me pick this up and im glad i did because i dont think i would of other wise!
  • Grey - I have only recently got into grey nail polish having seen it on gurus such as Laura (lollipop26) and i have to say i love it! It is one of my favourite colours ever and i think looks amazing!
  • Pink Flamingo- One of Barry M's newest nail paints & is my all time fave! This was so hard to track down when it first came into the shops so as soon as i found it i made sure i bought 2! This colour is simply stunning, the most amazing, vibrant pink! Anyone that loves pink nail polish definately needs to own pink flamingo!
So thats it guys! My top 5 Barry M nail paints!I love each and every one of them with pink flamingo deffinately my all time favourite, i new i was going to love it from the picture on the website before it was released!
I honestly cannot recommend these nail paints enough! I can guarantee that if you purchase them you will love them!
What nail paints, if any do you own? & any recommendations for my collection? :-)
Love you all & thank you for reading!

Saturday, 24 October 2009


I found this on an amazing blog ive just found..Amynicolaxo from a few months ago and since i have found a new love for MAC cosmetics i thought i would fill it in!

Obviously, as you know i havent tried or experienced many MAC products but i will fill you in on the ones i have tried and my thoughts on them! So expect 'never used' next to many of the questions, but it will be good to go back to in a few months and see how my MAC collection has grown!

So, here goes..

How long have you been using Mac?
I had my first MAC items bought for me for my 20th birthday in March just as the hello kitty collection had launched. My boyfriend kindly bought me 'tippy' blush and 'pink fish' tinted lip conditioner. So i have been using MAC on and off for the past 7 months! Late starter i know!
What was your first Mac product?First purchases i made myself were the nail polishes in 'steamy' gorgeous bright pink colour, and 'nocturnelle' a creamy black colour.
What's your all time favourite Mac product?I couldnt possibly choose one product, but from the tiny MAC collection i have so far it would be a toss up between tippy blush (absolutely gorgeous pink!), the 187 stippling blush or the lipstick in colour crafted!
What's your least favourite Mac product?I have heard not so good things about the MAC mascaras, which has put me off purchasing these. But out of the products i do have i would say the nail polishes are my least favourite as there are far better nail polishes available and i have found they take a few coats to gain the colour in the bottle.

Do you own a Pro Card?
No unfortunately i dont own a pro card, i wish i did! So i have to either pay full price from MAC or try and pick up some bargains from the CCO.

Your Mac foundation shade:
I am a NW20! And use the Mineralize skinfinish natural in medium over the top!
Your favourite Mac-Foundation:I have only ever use studio fix fluid so i would have to say this! Although i do love it, the coverage is amazing!

Out of the eyeshadows i own my favourite would have to be 'all that glitters' or 'sable'.

Absolutely love the lipsticks by MAC! My all time favourite must be colour crafted, the most gorgeous, wearable milky pink!
Lipgloss:Never used.

Never used, although i would love to try out blacktrack fluidline! Might be my next purchase!
Brush:I love all of the 6 MAC brushes i own but my faves are definately the 187 or 217!
Nail Lacquer:'Nocturnelle', a easy to wear, everyday creamy black.
Pro Product:The 15 pan pro palettes and the refill eyeshadows!

Comment on the following Mac product; Have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep + Prime Skin:
I have tried this but wouldnt really recommend it. I didnt even finish the bottle! It was quite glittery and didnt really help my foundation.

Full Coverage Foundation:
Never used.
Studio Sculpt Foundation:Never used.
Face + Body Foundation:Never used, and dont think i would purchase it either.

Mineralize Satin Finish:
Never used.

Studio Fix Fluid:
The only MAC foundation i own and have used, and i love it! I love foundations that give quite a heavy coverage so this is perfect!

Hyper Real Foundation:
Never used.
Select SPF15 Foundation:Never used.
Studio Tech Foundation:
Never used, dont really like cream foundations.

Studio Fix Powder:
Have never used, but would like to try this out sometime.
Studio Stick:Never used.
Hyper Real Pressed Foundation:Never used.
Beauty Powder:Never used, dont really see the point of these if im honest?
Sculpting Powder:Never use.

Shaping Powder:
Never used.

Loose Blot Powder:
Never used.

Pressed Blot Powder:
Never used.

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:
I absoutely adore this product, use it everyday over my studio fix fluid.
Mineralize Skinfinsh:I own 3 mineralize skinfinishes all from the colour craft collection. Porcelain pink, sunny by nature and cheeky bronze. Out of all 3 i deffinately think my favourite is sunny by nature as it is the one i reach for the most. It is more matte and not as shimmery as the others and perfect for bronzing.

Bronzing Powder:
Never used.

Powder Blush:
Love them all, colour range is amazing. Especially love tippy from the hello kitty collection, most gorgeous pink i have ever seen.

Never used, have never purchased or used any sort of creme blush.

Mineralize Blush:
I absolutely adore the mineralize blushes, the colours are gorgeous and the colour pay off is amazing. My faves have to be either dainty or gentle.

Gel Blush:
Never used.

Cream Color Base:
Never used.

Studio Sculpt Concealer:
The only MAC concealer i own, and love! Consistency is amazing, quite thick which i love as it gives good consistency.

Select Cover Up Concealer:
Never used, but i think it will be the next concealer on my list to try out.
Select Moisture cover Concealer:Never used.

Studio Finish Concealer:
Never used. But i am intrigued!

Studio Stick:
Never used.
Lip Erase:Never used and dont really think i would ever purchase this.

Tinted Lip Conditioner:
I only own one, which is pink fish from the hello kitty collection and i love it. Not as moisturising as i thought it would be, but the colour is lovely!

The lipsticks by MAC are one of my favourite products! They have such an amazing range of colours and i especially love the nudes and light pinks!

Never used.
See Thru Lip Color:Never used.
Dazzleglass:Never used, but i am thinking about picking some of these up! Love the colours!

Cremesheen Glass:
Again, have never used but want to try them out.

Lip Gelee:
Never used.

Lip Pencil:
I have never used a lip pencil in my life, so havent picked up a MAC one. If im missing out though please let me know!
Solar Bits:Never used, and not really sure what they are meant to be used for either!

Nail Lacquer:
Nothing special, there are a tonne of better brands than MAC out there for nail polish although some of the colours are amazing!
Shadestick:Never used.

Never used, and not really sure how you would use them either.

Paint Pots:
I like the look of the paint pots but i have never used them. Im thinking of picking up a light coloured one such as painterly to try out on a neutral eye.

Eye Shadow:
MAC eyeshadows are like nothing you have ever tried before! The colour range is amazing, they are so pigmented and they come in a range of finishes! I am an absolute beginner in the eyeshadows and have only recently jumped on the bandwagon but i love each and everyone of the ones i own!

I have never tried the pigments, but was thinking of picking up a neutral coloured one such as vanilla or naked and use it is a base or highlighter.
Glitter:Never used, dont think i would want to either.

Eye Kohl:
Never tried the eye kohl, think there are some amazing eye liners that can be purchased from drug stores at a reasonable price.
Chromaline:I have never used nor know what this is?!

Never used, but i am definately going to pick blacktrack up!
Liquid Last Liner:Never used.
Lustre Drops:Never used.

False Lashes:
I adore false eyelashes and I definately plan to try out the MAC ones very soon!
ProLash Mascara,Zoom Lash Mascara,Plush Lash Mascara, Dazzle Lash Mascara:Never used, am i missing out?
What has been your favourite Mac collection to date?Since i started collecting my favourite MAC collection has either been hello kitty or colour craft. I loved the mineralized products and the lipstick from the colour craft collection & most of the products from hello kitty!
Which Mac collection, in your opinion, do you think was disappointing, if any?From collecting MAC products i would say in my opinion the most disappointing collection to date would be the style black collection. I know so many bloggers and gurus have loved this collection, but there was nothing that i really found appealing from this collection.
What products do you think Mac are missing?As most people would say a really good mascara!

So thats it! It makes me realise how many products i am yet to try out & havent used just yet! & the amount of products there is that you know you wouldnt want to try!
I tag each and everyone of my wonderful followers (all 14 of you!) to do this quiz! Love you all!

Friday, 23 October 2009

My Non-MAC Brush Collection

Hey Girlies,

I thought that i would show you my everyday make up brushes, and what i use each one for and if i would recommend them for you to buy!

I didnt want to include my MAC ones as i have just recently picked them up they are all in my recent hauls so i thought i would show my other brushes to you!

They are mainly GOSH (at superdrug) but a couple are from the body shop.

This is my Gosh brush roll with my face & eye brushes in.

I will start off with my Gosh Face Brushes

From left to right they are:

  • Foundation brush - I love this brush, it is so soft (when clean!) and i use this everyday with my foundation. I think it is around £9 and in my opinion well worth the money.
  • Blusher brush - This brush is comparable to the 129, but not as soft, it sheds a little bit but for the price of this i would definately recommend this for blush on the apples of your cheeks.
  • Powder brush - I use this brush for my bronzer everyday. It is a large size powder brush and perfect for bronzing. I havent experienced much shedding from this brush at all.
  • Powder brush - This is the softest drugstore brush i have ever felt, it feels amazing. It is tapered at the top so is perfect for powder, bronzer and blusher.
  • Stippling brush - This is the only Gosh brush i own that i wouldnt recommend to anyone. I thought that it would be comparable to the MAC 187 but the MAC is by far a lot better quality. This brush sheds everytime i use it and i bought this for buffing in my foundation which then leaves hairs stuck to my foundation. After buying the 187 i would highly recommend it, it is so soft, has many uses such as powder, foundation, blush & bronzer and doesnt shed unlike other stippling brushes.
Eye brushes
  • Round Eyeshadow brush - this brush is amazing for crease work and can be comparable to the MAC pencil brush although i do not own this to compare. (although it is on my wish list!) It blends eyeshadows really well and i pick this up on a daily basis.
  • Flat eyeshadow brush - love this brush its amazing. Its really soft and works really well for eyeshadow and is the size of the MAC 239 but not as dense.
  • XL eyeshadow brush - I pick this brush up daily for my eyeshadow, works really well for packing on the eyeshadow on the lid. It is quite large and dense.

Overall i would highly recommend the Gosh brushes. Each brush i own was under £10 which is amazing value, and the brush roll was £9. Gosh in superdrug often has 3 for 2 offers on so you can really pick up a bargain.
The brushes have a black handle & barrel ( i think thats what the metal top part is called?) and in my opinion look really sleek and professional.
On to my two body shop brushes, they are both Kabuki brushes that came out with the body shop natures minerals collection which are meant to be used for mineral products.

On the left is a baby kabuki and on the right is the bigger kabuki.
I use the small one for mainly my blusher, and the larger one for my MAC mineralize skinfinish natural. These brushes feel amazing and are so soft yet dense at the same time. They are extremely good quality and i havent experienced any shedding at all. I would ask anyone that uses a kabuki to check these brushes out and they are under £15.
So, there you have my small and compact non MAC brush collection! If you have any questions on the brushes please leave me a comment!

A Teeny MAC Haul..

Ive done it again! What am i like!
I told you that once i start something i need to get everything! My mission is to fill my 15 pan pro eyeshadow palette!
I had 9 so far, and have just aquired 2 more which means expect a haul of 4 more eyeshadows very soon! & a picture of my shiny full palette!

I only got 4 things, and picked them up from the CCO!

Sorry for the poor quality picture! As always!
The products i picked up where:
  • 'Go' eyeshadow from last years starflash collection £7.00
  • Studio finish concealer in NW20 £8.40
  • 'Patina' eyeshadow (still available at MAC) £7.70
  • 194 concealer brush £11.25
So as you can see i am slowly adding to my MAC brush collection (6 so far, yay!) & my eyeshadow collection! I have nothing but good things to say about each products!
As you can probably tell also i am a neutral eye kind-of-girl, and love all things brown & gold!
Thats it for now guys,
Hope you like everything ive bought!
Oh one more thing, was thinking about getting the fix +, has anyone used this and would they recommend it?
Thanks Girls
Here they are:

Monday, 19 October 2009

To Depot Or Not To Depot?

So as you all know i have recently purchased my first mac eyeshadows yay!
I bought 5 online in their pots, 2 eyeshadows from the CCO in their pots and also a 15 pan pro eyeshadow palette and 2 eyeshadows in their pans. I hope you follow so far!
I have put my two pans into the palette already (grain & cork) but they look a little bit lonely sat on their own! I previously decided to depot the neo sci-fi shadows i bought from the cco as i hated the bright orange packaging so that would leave me with 4 eyeshadows in my palette!
However, i would be left with 5 eyeshadows in their pots. I love the eyeshadows sat pretty in their pots but i know i will sometime get the urge to depot them all and put them in the palette.
My dilema is that i dont know whether to depot them all now and add them to my palette and then just buy pan eyeshadows from now on, or keep my eyeshadows in their pots & leave 2 e/s in the palette!
Im sorry if this is ever so confusing!
But if i leave them in their pots for now, what do i buy in future pots or pans?
So ladies to depot or not to depot? What do you prefer & how do you keep your mac eyeshadows?

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Oh Dear...Guess Whose Been Shopping At MAC Again?

Hi Guys,
I have another little haul for you from MAC. Some things i ordered online whilst others are from the CCO.
The things i ordered online were my first ever MAC eyeshadows! There are so many gorgeous colours to choose from and i cant believe it has taken me until now to purchase my first ones! Everyone i have ever spoken to about MAC says the best things about them are their eyeshadows and their brushes and these are the last things that i have purchased from MAC!

I watched a lot of you tube vidoes to try and find the perfect colours for me and recommendations from my favourite gurus such as Laura (lollipop26!).

I am the type of person that cannot buy just one thing at a time, as soon as i want something i need it there and then i cannot wait! This drives my boyfriend James insane! haha! I have resisted on buying more MAC brushes even though i have a list as long as my arm of the ones i want...but bought a few staple neutral eyeshadows that will start my collection just nicely! I also justified buying so many as i ordered online and it is free delivery over £50! :-)

So without further ado meet my new babies

Satin taupe (frost), All that glitters (veluxe pearl), Sable (frost)

Naked Lunch (frost) & Mulch (velvet)

I also bought some brush cleaner for my newly aquired brushes! All 5 of them! I thought i should look after them properly and not use johnsons baby shampoo like i used to with my other brushes!

From the CCO i managed to pick up two eyeshadows from the Neo Sci-fi collection i think it was, much before i started buying MAC. I also picked up a 15 pro pallete for eyeshadows as i wasnt that keep on the bright orange packaging and also bought the eyeshadows grain and cork in pan form to go into my palette. (havent photographed these though!)

Magnetic fields (veluxe pearl) & Femme - fi (veluxe pearl)

Thats it for now guys, im so sorry for all the hauling! I know it can be quite boring to read, but i personally love haul videos and blog posts, especially MAC ones!
xxP.S i am so sorry for the poor picture quality! My camera is useless and i really need to invest in a new one! x

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

What I'm Using Right Now...

I found this on an amazing blog that i have just found & started following! allthatglittersandsparkles please check her out!
Shampoo & Conditioner: L'oreal elvive nutrigloss (the ones in the pink bottles)
Shower Gel: Soap & glory bodywash (Smells divine!)
Styling products: GHD's, Loreal elnett satin diamond hold hairspray and tigi s factor seriously straight spray (smells amazing, detangles and leaves your hair shiny and soft! I highly recommend!
Deodorant: Nivea pearl beauty
Fake Tan: None at the minte but when i do st moriz
Skincare: Usually the simple eye cream & day/night cream
Primer: Gosh velvet touch primer
Foundation: revlon colorstay in natural beige
Foundation brush: The Gosh foundation brush, amazing! I love this!
Concealer: Gosh concealer
Finish Powder: Rimmel Matte pressed powder in silky beige
Blusher: Coralista by Benefit
Bronzer: Barry M Natural Dazzle compact
Highlighter: None at the moment
Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay primer potion
Eyeshadows: Barry M Dazzle dusts - chocolate & tan!
Eyeliner: No7 Eyeliner in black
Curler: none
Mascara: Rimmel sexy curves in black
Lipstick: GOSH Darling with a bit of Barry M 101 on top <3
Lipgloss: Benefit A list lipgloss
Nail Colour: MACs nocturnelle on my hands, and collection 2000 dynasty on my toes
I tag everyone that reads this to do this!

Monday, 12 October 2009



My first ever blog post consists of a collective haul! :-)
These are just a few things i have picked up over the past two days from my local MAC, YSL and Nars counters, the CCO and also MAC online.

I will start of with my CCO mini haul which consists of MAC brushes. I have heard only good things about these brushes so i picked up my first 3!

These are them! They are the 129, 187 and 189. I plan to use the 189 for foundation, i know that it is such a huge brush but it is so soft and i think it will give my foundation a even application.

I have absolutely fallen in love with the 187! I have the GOSH stippling brush which i thought was similiar but there is absolutely no comparison at all. The MAC is so soft and 100% nicer and worth the extra money. This is such a multi purpose brush and i am so glad i picked it up! I will use it for foundation, buffing, blushing and bronzing, the list is endless!

The last brush is the 129 blush brush, i think this will be amazing for using blush on the apples of the cheeks. I am so glad i have finally started to build up a MAC brush collection and i cant wait for it to grow!

Next up was my MAC online order. I purchased 4 items, each of them been my first time purchases. I am a new MAC convert and i am trying out these items for the first time! The first ever MAC item i purchased was from the Hello Kitty collection, been the tippy blush and pink fish tinted lip conditioner and i still have them now!

Anyway back to the online order. These are the items i purchased:

It consists of:
  • Studio fix fluid foundation in NW20 - I have heard such good things about this foundation and i wanted to try it out for myself. I believe it is a full coverage foundation, which i love so im looking forward to using it.
  • Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium
  • Mineralize blush in Gentle - such an amazing raspberry pink colour with lots of sparkles
  • 'Close to real' lipstick from the High Def Collection - This colour is stunning! I am so happy i purchased this, it is a cross between creme d nude and gosh darling! Absolutely amazing nude lipstick.
Next up was the items i purchased from the NARS counter. I picked up my first 3 NARS products and they are:

  • Laguna bronzer - Amazing colour, with a bit of sparkle. Gorgeous packaging!
  • 'Roman holiday' lipstick - amazing sheer pink colour
  • Angelika blush - This is the most gorgeous blush i have ever seen. Light baby pink with sparkles - stunning!
As i was so impressed with the first 3 MAC face brushes that i purchased i decided to pick up 2 MAC eye brushes which were the 239 eyeshadow brush and also the 217 blending brush.

Lastly is the one item i picked up from YSL. It is one of the rouge volupte lipsticks in number 7 'lingerie pink'. This is highly talked about on blogger and youtube and seems to be a favourite. It is the perfect light barbie pink and i cant wait to team it with the NARS angelika blush!

Phew! That was a busy weekend! If you have got this far thank you so much!
What items have you recently hauled that you would recommend?

My next blog post will be a little more about me! :-) Just wanted to get the huge collective haul out of the way first!
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